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Interoperable Ontologies: the Foundation of Intelligent Precision Medicine

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Interoperable Ontologies: the Foundation of Intelligent Precision Medicine

HE Yongqun1,XIE Jiang’an2,WAN Ling3,YANG Xiaolin4,ZHU Yan5,ZHOU Wei6,LI Yuanfang7,LU Weisheng1,WU Jianmin8,LIU Kaiyong9,WANG Haihe10,LIU Qingping11,YU Hong12

(1University of Michigan Medical School,Ann Arbor,MI 48109,USA,;

2College of Bioinformatics,Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Chongqing 400065,China;

3Nanjing AngjiWangzhi Network Technology Limited Company,Nanjing 211199,China;4Institute of

Basic Medical Sciences,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,Beijing 100005,China;5Institute of Information on

Traditional Chinese Medicine,China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences,Beijing 100700,China;6The National

Population and Health Scientific Data Center,Beijing 100700,China;7Faculty of Information Technology,

Monash University,Clayton,Vic 3800,Australia;8Center for Cancer Bioinformatics,Peking University Cancer

Hospital & Institute,Beijing 100142,China;9School of Public Health,Anhui Medical University,Hefei 230032,

China;10Daqing Branch of Harbin Medical University,Daqing,163319,China;11Guangzhou

University of Chinese Medicine,Guangzhou 510006,China;12Guizhou University Medical College/Guizhou

Province People’s Hospital/National Health Commission Key Laboratory of Pulmonary Immune Diseases,

Guiyang 550002,China)

Abstract:In recent years,the rapid development of technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things has provided strategic opportunities for exploring the related applications between precision medicine and Artificial Intelligence (AI).However,there has been a huge technical challenge in organizing,integrating,and sharing complex and heterogeneous biomedical big data.Ontologies promote the development of biomedical AI because they can provide semantic basis at the level of knowledge and metadata.Ontologies based on interoperability play a key role in the integration and analysis of heterogeneous knowledge and data.The combination of AI and precise medicine can be called Intelligent Precision Medicine (IPM).A Hippo Hypothesis is proposed to clarify the positive correlation between the establishment of interoperable ontologies and the achiverment of IPM and how to play.Meanwhile,the principles and tools of extensible ontology development is proposed to realize the interoperability of ontology,thus supporting the development of IPM.At the same time,some examples of interoperable ontologies and their applications in IPM are presented.In addition,the research status of interoperability ontology at home and abroad,the establishment and development of OntoChina,and the importance of medical ethics are also reviewed and discussed.

Keywords:Ontology;Interoperable Ontologies;Biomedical Big Data;Precision Medicine;Artificial Intelligence;OntoChina

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